Leads Deconstructed: Lead Generation Myths Vs. Facts

Lead Generation Myths

If you’ve been in the industry for a few years, you may have heard a few things about lead generation. It’s time to clear up the mystery of what’s the truth and what’s a lie behind lead generation.

Here are some of the common thoughts we here about lead generation here at CraftJack and the truth behind them. By better understanding what leads are, you can benefit your business.

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What Is Lead Generation?

In this series “leads deconstructed,” we’ve been working hard to share the most important information about lead generation. If you missed it, we define a lead as a “homeowner that’s expressed potential interest in a specific service, along with their contact information.”

With this in mind, here are a few myths we’d like to share about lead generation.

Myth #1: If a company sends me a lead, it’s a job I can start working on right away.

If you’re new to lead generation, it’s important to understand that a lead does not mean a job, but rather an opportunity to pitch yourself and win the job. It’s up to you to use your sales skills and share what sets you apart from other contractors who are also bidding for the job.

When you receive a lead, you shouldn’t assume you’ve won the job. Reach out to the potential customer quickly to make the most of the opportunity. Every lead is an opportunity for a loyal customer and referrals, so make sure to put your best foot forward. Here are a few articles that have plenty of tips to help you win the job.

Myth #2: It Doesn’t Matter How Quickly I Call A Lead.

When you get a lead, it’s important to act right away. Don’t wait to contact the homeowner; call when the project is still top of mind. In fact, our data shows that the pros who call first are often the ones that win the job.

Myth #3: If A Homeowner Doesn’t Pick Up For The First Call, They Aren’t Interested In The Job, Or Potentially Working With Me.

While we encourage contractors to call as soon as they get the lead, a homeowner might not be ready to answer. CraftJack account manager and team lead, Peter Swanson, shared his thoughts on this situation:

“In 2019, homeowners rarely pick up phone calls from phone numbers not in their contact list, “ he said “Moreover, voicemails are not utilized, or follow up on, as they once were. If a homeowner doesn’t pick up the phone initially, this is not rare, and there are things we can do. First off, odds are the homeowner is using a cell phone, thus utilizing text messages can be key to getting into contact with your lead.”

Swanson continued with some great advice to help reach the homeowner.

“It’s important not to send a very long text, or do the selling via text message,” he said. “Rather, setting up a phone call via a brief text introduction can be very useful in the selling process. Also, let’s not forget that following up via phone calls, at different times during the week can also be necessary. You want to be persistent in your sales strategy, just make sure not to overdo it and bombard the lead with phone calls.”

Myth #4: I Can Generate Leads On My Own, Why Would I Need To Pay For Leads?

We know that a lead generation service might not be the right choice for every contractor business. However, we also believe that a lead generation service can help you find targeted leads in your area that can better benefit your business. These leads can be an invaluable part of business growth and success.

Additionally, while there are many ways to generate leads for free, we always recommend not just relying on one lead generation tactic. Social media is a great way to connect with homeowners near you; however, when used with a lead generation service, you’ll be able to find more leads quickly.


When it comes to lead generation, there’s a lot of buzz about what it is and what it is not. We’re here to help. If you ever need help or a myth debunked, don’t forget you can always talk to your account manager who’s here to help you navigate lead generation and how it can work for your business.