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Cómo Generar Más Clientes Potenciales Para Trabajos De Pintura

Todos los contratistas desean un flujo constante de clientes potenciales para su negocio de pintura, y la era digital ofrece nuevas formas de generación de clientes potenciales todos los días. Aunque algunas de estas nuevas oportunidades son dignas de su atención, la mayoría simplemente le distraen de los métodos de mercadeo y ventas que son más eficientes y más redituables.

Si quiere tener acceso a un excelente listado de clientes potenciales para trabajos de pintura en su área, CraftJack le puede ayudar. ¡Aquí le decimos como! 


A Contractor’s Guide to Online Marketing Terms

As a small business owner, you’re fully aware of the importance of spinning plates. You don’t have HR, marketing, sales, graphic design, finance, or IT departments — you’re all of these departments rolled into one. When it comes to marketing, new strategies and techniques emerge each year. Along with such rapid innovation comes an ever-growing list of jargon, and the better you understand it, the better equipped you are for high profits and long-term success.

Read on to discover our comprehensive guide to digital marketing words. They’ll enhance your marketing efforts so they reach the widest possible audience.


¿Qué Es Una Campaña De Marketing?

Las campañas de marketing, también conocidas como campañas de mercadeo, promueven ciertos productos o servicios a través de diferentes medios, tales como televisión, radio, prensa impresa y plataformas virtuales en línea. Las campañas no dependen únicamente de la publicidad y pueden incluir demostraciones, video conferencias, y otras técnicas de interacción. Las empresas que operan en mercados y franquicias altamente competitivas pueden iniciar campañas de marketing de manera más frecuente al tiempo que dedican recursos significativos a generar el conocimiento de la marca, y por ende, ventas.


Best Online Marketing Strategies for Small Home Service Businesses

Marketing your small home service business is important when trying to get leads and traffic. Because most people turn to Google and other websites to find home service providers, it’s important that your marketing strategies are outstanding, especially online ones. Marketing your small business also doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, in fact, marketing online is extremely affordable.

The goal of an effective marketing strategy is to connect your business’s value to how the customer can benefit from it. In terms of home service small businesses, it’s crucial to ask yourself, what is the demographic I am going after? How can I show that my service is valuable to them? Practicing online marketing strategies is a simple way to answer these questions while also bringing in customers.


SEO For Contractors

You have likely heard the acronym SEO, and maybe you have even read about search engine optimization, but still, its meaning and relevance elude you. Don’t feel bad; by definition, it seems rather simple but understanding the intricacies and implementation are much more complex and ever-changing which is likely what you have found out.

In today’s dominant online landscape, SEO for contractors is as important as a contractor’s ability to do their trade well; so, fortunately, there are a lot of resources and SEO tips at CraftJack to help you wade in the SEO waters.


Contractor Lead Generation Tips & Tricks

As a contractor, one of the more frustrating parts of your job is likely trying to find leads. Job opportunities are out there, but they don’t always find you. Sometimes you have to take an active role in reaching out and cultivating potential clients and customers.

It can be overwhelming to even decide where to start, but have no fear! CraftJack is here to share the best tips and tricks for home improvement lead generation.

If you’re looking to find more leads in your area, we’re here to help. Sign up with CraftJack today and start getting leads from homeowners near you.


Top 6 SEO Tips for Contractors

Delivering referral-worthy services to your clients is the easy part — you know what you’re doing. It’s helping people find you online can throw a wrench in things. Local field service technicians and contractors need to compete for their share of the market.

If you sleep on your online presence, you’re basically throwing in the towel, because being optimized for search engines won’t happen on its own. Here are six ways contractors and other home services professionals can ensure they come up in search results.


Blogging Tips For Contractors

So, maybe you’ve been considering starting a blog for your website. While it is additional work, it can help to boost your business and make it easier to market yourself. If you’re a pro who’s been blogging for some time, maybe you’re looking for more inspiration.

You’ve come to the right place. Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration to get writing. Here are a few blogging tips you can use as a contractor.

Blogging is one way you can generate more leads for your business, but we can help too. Sign up for CraftJack today to start receiving leads from homeowners in your area.


Twitter FAQs For Contractors

When you’re thinking of social media, one of the many sites that might come to mind is Twitter. It’s been around since 2006 and is known for its short and succinct messages sent to a worldwide audience. It functions a little differently than other social media sites you may have used before, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try and seeing how it can help your business!

If you’ve been considering using Twitter to generate leads for your business, now is the time. Here are a few frequently asked questions you should know and how you can get started with a successful twitter account.Social media is one way to find more jobs, but have you considered a lead generation service? You could start receiving leads near you sooner than you think. Sign up with CraftJack today and connect with homeowners in your area.


Instagram FAQ For Contractors

It’s likely that you’ve heard and (maybe even used) one of the many popular social media platforms available: Instagram. Photo-driven social media is on the rise, making this platform a great tool use. Small business owners and contractors can benefit from using Instagram to help create more brand awareness and connect with more customers.

However, many stay away from Instagram, as it can be confusing for those who have never used it but hear of how often it changes. Luckily, we’re here to clear up any worries you may have. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Instagram, specifically for contractors.