5 Reasons You Should Start A Contracting Blog

Numbers and data are great for proving a point, but oftentimes, they can’t tell the whole story. All month, contractors keeping up with the CraftJack Toolbox have seen the stats and tips of starting a contracting blog. They are all necessary to know, but no number can ever explain what contractors can learn from blogging. Stats can’t strengthen a relationship with a previous client. Data can’t challenge you to try something new. Therefore, to complete the full blogging narrative, I wanted to present five simple and qualitative reasons why you should start blogging.

1. Blogging Showcases Your Expertise

Undoubtedly, the best reason to blog is to show people that you know what you’re talking about. If you are a licensed contractor, you have a wealth of knowledge that many Americans do not have. A blog gives you a FREE platform to display all this knowledge in one central location. It essentially gives you the proper setting to market yourself to past and future clients. It gives you a platform to share past projects you have completed, showcasing the obstacles you overcame and the steps you took to succeed. Also, as you research new topics to blog about, your contracting knowledge will grow and grow. With every blog post, you are either displaying your expertise or strengthening it.

2. Blogging Connects You With Homeowners

No matter what business you are in, getting to know your clients is the best way to close more leads and win new business. As you continue to blog, interested homeowners will start commenting and sharing their thoughts on your blog. They will let you know what they like or dislike. Past clients may even want to share their own testimonials on your blog. Furthermore, if you are blogging, then you are most likely on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media outlets. Blogging gives you content, articles and images that people like to share online, further enhancing your brand. If current fans are sharing your content with their friends and family, you will gain new contacts and win more jobs.

3. Blogging Helps with Search

Winter is when homeowners start researching future home improvement projects. They search for prices, inspiration and contractors online. Outside of paying for online ads, blogging is a terrific way to drive traffic to your website. Google and other search engines put a lot of emphasis on updated content. If you have a website that is never updated, those search engines will not pick you up the next time a homeowner searches for “bathroom remodel” or “adding a pool.” We have looked at the stats and now is the time that leads start to really pick up with the CraftJack Lead Manager. Make sure homeowners in your area find you with updated content through blogging.

4. Blogging Can Increase Sales

Unless you really love to write, chances are, you want to start blogging so you can increase your sales. Well, contractors will be delighted to hear that professionals across numerous different industries have made a living off their blog income. Besides the reasons stated above (all three go towards your bottom line), blogging also gives you a platform for advertisements. If you start to gain a lot of traffic, other companies will notice and could pay you to advertise on your blog. Likewise, other contracting blogs will want to write on your website to gain new followers. Charge them for it. As you can see, there is more than one way to make a quick buck from blogging.

5. Blogging Can Be Fun

Perhaps most importantly, blogging can be fun. Writing helps many contractors clear their minds. By showing homeowners how to replace vinyl flooring or mount a TV, you are helping them relieve some stress and save some money. This entire post has been about helping you as a contractor, but if you start blogging, you are helping homeowners across America as well. Money should not be the only factor motivating you to blog. Feel free to let goodwill inspire you as well.

Now that you have fully bought into the concept of blogging, check out our 10 Tips to Start a Contracting Blog.