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The CraftJack Way: Qualified Leads Generated In Real Time

Qualified Leads Generated In Real Time

While leads can come from an array of sources, not all of them are worth your time. Getting in contact with the homeowner as soon as possible is important, but you need to be able to reach them while their project is fresh on their mind.

At CraftJack, we want to set you up for success. That’s why we send qualified leads generated in real time. For our pros, this is a huge benefit to the growth of their business. Read on for more benefits of CraftJack’s real-time leads.

Are you ready to start receiving qualified leads from homeowners in real time? Call us at 866-456-6977 today to get all the benefits and watch your business grow!

Why Does Real-Time Matter?

When a homeowner submits a lead, there are many stages they could be in with their project. Our data shows that 54% of homeowners are in the planning and budgeting stage and 37% are ready to hire. With that information in mind, timing is key.

Receiving a lead that’s ready to hire is where real-time leads really matter. This means the homeowner is ready to get their project started and needs your help as soon as possible. According to our data, here are the trades that have the most homeowners who are ready to hire:

  • Snow Removal
  • Gutters
  • Electrical
  • Drywall & Insulation
  • Landscaping & Lawn Care

A pro who’s contacted in the planning stage has a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition by being attentive and helping the homeowner make the best plans for their project. Going the extra mile for your customer is sure to help win the job. According to our data, here are the trades that receive the most leads for homeowners looking for help in the planning and budgeting stage:

  • Additions & Remodels
  • Solar Energy
  • Decking
  • Flooring
  • Concrete & Masonry

While our data shows that 42% of homeowners have flexible timing on their projects, 17% are looking to start their projects within a week. This is another reason why real-time leads are a necessity. For those looking to get started within a week, they want to hire someone as quickly as possible to get the job done.

Why Do Real-Time Leads Matter

What Makes CraftJack’s Leads Unique

CraftJack knows that speed is important when winning the job, that’s why our leads are sent to you immediately. Our goal is to get you the new lead as quickly as possible. You can choose to receive leads through text, email or a phone call, whatever you use the most frequently.

Our leads come from homeowners looking for local pros like you. You’ll never get an old lead. Because we find and gather all our leads that means you’ll be sent only the latest from us and only us. That’s because we generate our own leads for you.


The reason real-time leads are so important is because you need to call fast. According to data from Marketsharp, 78% of homeowners choose the first company to contact them for the job. So not only is the speed of receiving the lead important, but you need to be calling just as quickly. On top of offering real-time, quality leads, we’re also giving you a 20% discount on leads called within 30 minutes.

By contacting a lead as soon as you receive it, you’re increasing your chances of winning that job. In fact, 65% of our contractors are taking advantage of this unique discount by calling within the first 30 minutes of receiving their lead. However, keep in mind, it may take more than one call to reach the homeowner. Be persistent and set a reminder to call back and follow up.

What Makes CraftJack's Leads Unique

Winning The Job

Here at CraftJack, we do our best to set you up for success with our real-time leads and speed-to-call discount. However, it’s up to you to win the job. While calling quickly is important, the customer service you give to the homeowner will differentiate you from the competition.

Have a good sales strategy for when you’re on the phone. Take the time to listen to the homeowner and their project needs. Ask questions that will help lead you to a solution for both parties.

You’ll also want to be clear about what makes your business stand out. Of course, a quick call will certainly set you apart, but what else makes your business different?

Lastly, always be clear about how the potential customer can best contact you. If you’ve decided to set up an estimate or a simple phone call to discuss the project more, be sure to set clear expectations and timing. Don’t show up or call late, after all, you’re still making a first impression. Clarity is key when landing the job!


CraftJack’s qualified, real-time leads are certainly a unique benefit for our contractors. Our goal is to help you successfully land the job and grow your business, so we’re giving you the tools to do so.

Want to learn more about how you can take advantage of this feature? Give us a call at 866-456-6977 to hear more and sign up!

How To Find Local Home Improvement Leads For Your Business

Connect WIth Homeowners

Finding the right leads is what will make a difference in your business’ success. A good lead will be ready to start their project and is in your area. All leads should be evaluated as each presents a different opportunity.

While this might seem like a challenge for some pros, it is possible to find leads and win more jobs in your area. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of creativity to find the right ones. See a few tips to find local home improvement leads for your business.

If you’re looking for leads in your area, we can help. Call us at 866-456-6977 and start receiving local home improvement leads.

Lead Generation Service

Of course, one of the best ways to go about finding and receiving local leads is with a lead generation service, like CraftJack. By signing up, you can easily receive local leads specific to your trade. From there, it’s up to you to win the job. With CraftJack, you can even receive discounts based on your speed-to-call, making the cost of the lead even cheaper while you have a better shot at winning the job. There are local homeowners looking for your service and we’ve made it easier to find them.


If you’re looking for local home improvement leads, the best resource you have is your local customers. They can share with neighbors and friends in their area about your excellent service. If you’re looking boost referrals and find more local leads, one of the best tactics you can try is to simply ask. Some pros find luck with incentivizing past customers to share the word with a discount on their next service. Others may send an email reminder to previous and current customers to share with neighbors about their business. Try one or try all three to see what brings back the best results.

Find Local Leads

Social Media

If you’re not already using social media to connect with potential customers, you should be. It’s an invaluable tool that allows you to directly reach out to anyone, while staying on budget. Create a Facebook page to start engaging with local homeowners near you. Google My Business is another must for any contractor looking to win local leads. It puts you right in front of the audience you want.

Community E-Message Boards

Gone are the days of the community bulletin boards; now it’s all online. Sites like Everyblock and Patch make it easy for contractors to connect with homeowners. Often, it’s the homeowner that will reach out on one of these avenues to ask if anyone knows a “reliable plumbing pro” or “someone who can repair a roof.” These leads are waiting for you and are free to respond to, share your expertise and let them know why you’re the right contractor for the job.

Volunteer Projects

Connecting with your neighbors is a great way to meet homeowners who might need your help. A great way to do so and reinforce your brand is through volunteer projects. Maybe the community is gathering to improve the landscaping in a local park or the elementary school nearby needs a fresh coat of paint. Not only is this a great way to give back to your community, but you can share your knowledge of your trade directly. When community members have a need that comes up in their homes, it’s more likely they will think of you for their home improvement project.

Get More Referrals

Win The Job

As a pro, you know finding the right leads is only half of the work. The other piece of the puzzle is winning the job. Know what differentiates you from other contractors. Share why your service is unique with the customer. Here are some tips that will help your sales pitch:

  • Be ready to provide an estimate on the project.
  • Call promptly and follow up with the customer.
  • Show up on time for the estimate. If you’re running late, be sure to call the homeowner.
  • Have a business card ready so they have your information if they need to contact you.


Finding local home improvement leads is important for any contractor. Try out new tactics that may help you connect and network with homeowners in your area. You never know when or where you might find a lead, so be prepared with a business card and short pitch to help you win the job.

Looking for more lead generation tips? We have local leads ready. Give us a call at 866-456-6977 and sign up for as little as $100 today! 

Online Marketing Works & Here’s Proof

Online Marketing Works

There’s no question that referrals and word of mouth reign supreme when it comes to home remodeling leads. In fact, I am looking to do some flooring and painting work in my new condo and the first thing I did was reach out to friends. They gave me some names and I received five solid quotes.

Nevertheless, the referral river of leads can run dry and no matter how long you’ve been in the business, you’ll have to find leads online. Longtimers may disagree, but the stats and testimonials from CraftJack contractors below prove it!

If you’re ready to give online marketing a try, give us a call at 866-456-6977.

Square Remodeling

Leo Sguera has been in the business for over 20 years. Square remodeling handles everything from bathroom and kitchen remodeling to concrete and siding. Leo is a third-generation carpenter and also a perfectionist. In fact, he does not accept payments until all work is approved.

Being in the business for 20 years, you’d think they could rely on just referrals. Well, as we said, the river runs dry eventually. As such, Leo and Square remodeling signed up with CraftJack in July 2014. Since then, Leo has received 162 remodeling leads.

“One of the better online lead services,” Square Remodeling said. “Great company, great leads, fair prices.”

As you can see, Leo has taken full advantage of online marketing and ran with it. He’s gone a step further and tried multiple lead generation companies. Fortunately, he saw the value in CraftJack and has stuck with us ever since.

CraftJack Benefits

LLS Contracting LLC

As you all know, starting a new business is hard. Unlike contractors who have been in the business for years, you can’t rely on referrals. You have to go out, find new customers, provide an excellent service and then see the leads role in.

To expedite the process, Mike Davidson and LLS Contracting LLC signed up with CraftJack in December 2016. Mike provides snow removal services in New Hampshire. Being a seasonal category, you can imagine the opportunity in December and January. Fortunately, Mike signed up at the right time.

Since December 19, 2016, Mike has received 18 leads, 11 of which have turned into jobs. That means Mike closed 61% of the leads he received with CraftJack. Now that is a terrific close rate!

“Quick response time and excellent job leads,” Mike said.

Oak Plumbing

We know we’re not the only lead generation company out there. In fact, there are several. One such is HomeAdvisor and Oak Plumbing takes advantage of both services.

Serving Northern California, Oak Plumbing knows how to use online marketing. Despite earning a top rated contractor badge on HomeAdvisor, Matt Harris and Oak Plumbing were looking for more leads. In November 2016, they signed up with CraftJack and since then, have received over 20 leads ranging from gas line breakage and water heater replacement to gas piping and faucet installation. 

Additionally, besides the quality leads, Matt and his team appreciate some of the other benefits that separate CraftJack from the pack.

Lead Manager Report

“Easy to use and nice ROI Report.”

The reporting Matt is referring to is our Lead Manager Dashboard. You can see everything from leads received, calls made, average call time and average number of calls per lead. Finally, you can see your ROI. The image above is small glimpse of this in depth report.


As you can see, whether you’ve been in the business for 20 years or one, you will find value in online lead generation. If you’re ready to start receiving more home remodeling leads, give us a call at 866-456-6977.

Why You Should Ask For Reviews

Why Should Ask For Reviews

If you’re looking to win more jobs, you’re likely already marketing your business online. There are countless ways to get the word out to your online audience, but sometimes, it’s best to let your customers do the work for you.

Online reviews are valuable to the prospective customer. They are a trusted source of recommendation that are easier to access now more than ever. Often, a customer will review after they’ve had a poor experience or feel something was not done to satisfaction. You can change this by asking happy customers to leave their review. It works!

If you’re ready to start generating more reviews from happy customers, it’s time to win more jobs! Sign up for CraftJack today by calling us at 866-456-6977.

Why Reviews Matter

People trust online reviews, both negative and positive. In BrightLocal’s 2016 Local Consumer Review survey, they found that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. For pros, that’s a high number to consider.

The survey reports that 54% of people will visit the business’ website after reading positive reviews. This is one step closer to the lead you want. These positive reviews are invaluable, so the best thing you can do is ask for them! According to the survey, 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a business a review if they’re asked. These positive reviews reflect on the trustworthiness of your business and can help you land the job, without doing much additional work. It’s really that simple!

Reviews Matter

Where You Can Find Reviews

Before you start asking for reviews, it’s a good idea to see where reviews of your business exist and what people are saying, if you haven’t looked already. One important statistic to know is that 63% of customers use a search engine to find online reviews, while 37% go directly to a review site to find reviews, according to the BrightLocal survey. Consider this when you’re asking for reviews.

Yelp is often a first stop for customer reviews. Keep in mind, incentivizing customers to leave a review here will result in the review being removed. But you can simply ask them.

Facebook is another place you can find and host reviews. If you have a company Facebook page, there is a section where customers can leave their own reviews and star ratings. These reviews are easy for people to leave as they just need to have a Facebook account.

If you have a Google My Business account, you should be aware that reviews will show up in your listing. This is a great place to direct your customers to leave a review, as it’s the first thing potential customers see when they search for your company on Google.

Of course, these are just a few popular places that a review can be left online. Look for your trade in your area online and see where else customers may be leaving reviews and where you might gain more leads.

How Should You Ask?

It can be nerve-wracking if you’re planning to ask a happy customer for a review. But with a few ways to ask, you have a few chances to remind them to do so.

After the Job

One of the best ways to ask for a review is face-to-face. The opportune time to do so is right after a job is completed. You’ll know if the customer is satisfied and can ask them directly to leave them a review.

Leave Behind Materials

After you’ve asked them face-to-face, you can leave behind a flier or small business card directing the customer to where they can leave you a review. This not only helps guide them to the proper place, but it also serves as a reminder. While there are a few costs associated with these materials, such as printing and designing, you will see payoff in the leads you can generate from positive reviews.

Email Marketing

As a follow-up for all your previous customers, consider sending them a reminder via email to give you a review. While this is less personal, you’ll reach more of your audience. You can even consider doing this every few months or integrating a reminder into your email marketing plan.

CraftJack Lead Manager

If you’re using Lead Manager, it’s easy to send the homeowner a message requesting a review. You can request reviews yourself or have our system automatically send a review two weeks after winning the job!

Homeowners Look At Reviews

Responding To Your Reviews

While we hope all reviews are positive, there may be a few that come across as negative. Regardless of what the customer is saying, it’s important to respond professionally. Try to clear up any miscommunication and confusion, as well as try to understand what you can do to fix the situation. Not only will this make the upset customer happy, but it will also show others reading that you are attentive to homeowner’s needs.

Positive reviews should also be responded to. This helps generate loyal customers. Thank them for their kind review and let them know you’re there for their next home improvement project. This personal touch will help them remember your business the next time they need a pro.


For pros in any trade, online reviews are an important tool in generating leads and there’s data to prove it. If you’re not asking for reviews, you could be missing out on new and repeat business. Utilize some of these tactics to ask for reviews and watch them grow!

2017 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show Review

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show 2017 Review

No matter what remodeling expertise you have, you understand how fast trends change. It’s important to stay ahead of these changing trends. After all, it helps you provide the best customer service that leads to more business.

To find out what’s hot right now in the industry, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show should be the first place you look. It’s the largest show in the industry, featuring all the latest trends and technologies. If you weren’t able to attend their 2017 event in Orlando, we’ve got a recap with all you need to know.

Are you ready to find customers who want the latest in kitchen and bathroom remodeling? Call us at 866-456-6977 to sign up with CraftJack today and start receiving leads from homeowners in your area.

What Is The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show?

Every January, retailers, designers, construction pros and more gather together to see the latest in kitchen and bath trends. The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show is where everyone in the industry can meet and connect. The KIBS is owned by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, a non-profit dedicated to educating those within the remodeling industry.

The organization began as the “America Institute Of Kitchen Dealers” in 1963 until their name change in 1983 to what is now the NKBA. The first KBIS was in 1981 and has run annually since. Every year, the show is in a different location, but all in the trade are welcome.

New Kitchen & Bath Technology

Smart technology is the hottest thing to have in any kitchen or bath. With a new trade show comes new technologies that can be integrated into the way homeowners live. American Standard showed the new ActiClean self-cleaning toilet at the show, where a flush can clean the entire bowl. This is a new way to think about a clean bathroom.

In the kitchen, the DekTek was introduced. This simple charging transmitter allows for multiple items to charge on any surface without wires. Imagine having your phone, tablet and computer all charge while you cook.

Another addition to kitchen technology is the Discovery TouchTop Induction Cooktop, where users can change the temperature or pause the heat coming from the stove through a touch control panel.

New Kitchen & Bath Technology

Quartz Surfaces

While granite has been the leader in countertop surfaces for many years, Quartz has now taken the No. 1 spot. As attention to strong and long-lasting materials has become a common theme homeowners are looking for, quartz has emerged as the material of choice.

Smaller Appliances

As the demand for tiny houses grow, so does the demand for smaller appliances to fit. Manufacturers are producing compact models of microwaves, refrigerators and ovens to accommodate the rising interest of living well in smaller spaces. However, these models don’t lose the product features that people have grown to love. As remodeling trends point towards homeowners downsizing, this could be a trend you see continue in the coming years. It really is a way for homeowners to have it all.

Energy-Saving Lighting

With so many new technologies introduced to the industry, it’s good to know that there are advances being made that are earth-friendly. Energy-saving lighting was a hot trend in bathrooms, especially near or around mirrors. Some options had lighting within the mirror that is a trend you’ll be seeing more often in bathroom design.

Accessibility Advances

Ensuring all in the home have a comfortable space to move about, the kitchen and bath has become a priority in 2017. The new release of the Grohe Concetto sink, has ensured it’s ADA-compliant with accessibility updates. Tile Redi has also introduced the Radi Trench Barrier Free Shower Pan that includes a long drain slot design to sit against the shower wall. This innovation allows all to enter the shower safely.

Wall-Mount Toilets

The look of bathroom luxury is complete with a wall-mount toilet. In addition to the look, wall-mount toilets are gaining popularity due to the technologies they are integrating. The Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet is packed full of features such as a nightlight, cleaning wand and seat warmer. This toilet is compact and blends right in to a modern bathroom design.

Accessibility Advances

Black Stainless Steel

The latest models of kitchen appliances all seem to have one thing in common; black stainless steel. This is the hot appliance finish for 2017. Frigidaire put this new trend on the map by introducing a new line of this finish with their kitchen appliances. In addition to this sleek look, the finish is also smudge-proof. Time to say goodbye to those pesky fingerprints!

Utilizing White

To compliment the latest black stainless steel trend in kitchen appliances, white finishes of countertops and cabinets are in. This is a timeless look for any kitchen that is sure not to go out of style anytime soon. Expect to see more homeowners asking for white finishes in their kitchens in 2017 and following years.


Understanding current trends can help you not only plan ahead, but assist your customers in making the best choices for their homes. If there’s uncertainty between a certain style or function, you may be able to help with your knowledge of the latest kitchen and bath trends.

To spread that knowledge and win more jobs, give us a call at 866-456-6977.

Did You Know CraftJack Offers 20% Discounts?

Just like your business, we pride ourselves on separating from the pack. We know there are other lead generation companies out there so we work endlessly to show you what makes us unique. Well, one CraftJack-only benefit all our pros receive is our patent-pending speed-to-call discount.

If you’d like to start getting discounts, give us a call at 866-456-6977.

How It Works

Calling homeowners as soon as they submit the lead vastly improves your odds of closing the sale. To entice our pros to call as soon as possible, we created the speed-to-call discount. All CraftJack contractors that call their leads within 30 minutes of receipt get a 20% discount on that lead!

While calling quickly improves your odds of talking with the homeowners, even if you get a voicemail, you still receive your 20% discount. Wouldn’t you know it, current CraftJack pros are taking advantage.

Contractors have saved over $650,000 with our speed-to-call discount!

Why Call Quickly?

A quick and professional response will result in more jobs won, whether for residential or commercial leads. While you should take our word for it, we have lead generation facts and data to prove it:

  • Responding to leads in the first minute can improve conversion as much as 391%.
  • 88% of converted leads are contacted in first 24 hours.
  • 78% of homeowners choose the first party to make contact & the first party to contact a prospect has a 238% higher rate of conversion than the 2nd.

If you don’t call as soon as you receive that lead, your competitor will. As the final stat above shows, nearly four out of every five homeowners choose the first pro that contacts them.

Ready To Sign Up?

Ultimately, CraftJack wins only when our contractors win. That’s why CraftJack pros that call their leads within 30 minutes of receipt receive 20% off with our patent-pending speed-to-call discount!

If you’re ready to start taking advantages of this CraftJack-only benefit, give us a call at 866-456-6977.

New Tasks & Trades For 2017

New Tasks & Trades For 2017

Any small startup hopes to one day become the best in the industry. Back in 2011, we never would’ve assumed we’d grow to the point we’re at today. Well, in an ongoing effort to provide the best possible service for all contractors across the country, CraftJack has released new tasks under our current trades. In addition, 2017 is going to be a big year and as of now, we plan on releasing up to 11 new trades this year!

If you’re looking for new leads in any of the tasks, trades or 21 categories we already supply, give us a call at 866-456-6977.

The new tasks/sub-categories already released are:

  1. Cleaning – Clean Carpets or Rugs in a Home
  2. Cleaning – Clean and Inspect a Chimney or Fireplace
  3. Roofing – Clean a Roof
  4. Roofing – Apply Roof Sealant
  5. Roofing – Install Roof Heating Cable to Melt Snow
  6. Fencing – Install Electronic Pet Fence
  7. Fencing – Electronic Pet Fence – Repair or Adjust
  8. Fencing – Install or Replace a Driveway or Security Gate
  9. Painting – Sandblast Surfaces
  10. Painting – Paint Metal Roofing
  11. Windows – Clean Windows

Additionally, the new trades we plan on releasing in 2017 are:

  1. Tree Service
  2. Architects, Designers & Engineers
  3. Pest Control
  4. Carpet and Fabric Cleaning
  5. Testing & Abatement Services
  6. Waste Material Removal
  7. Handyman
  8. Home Building
  9. Paving
  10. Audio/Visual
  11. Security Services

As you can see, our business is growing, just like the thousands of contractor businesses that sign up with CraftJack. If you’d like to join this growth, give us a call at 866-456-6977.

Construction Forecast 2017

Construction Forecast 2017

A new year is a time for new beginnings and opportunities. You can better plan for your business this year by looking ahead at what experts are predicting for the year to come.

Last year, we saw the construction industry grow and reported trends show that continuing into 2017. We’ve rounded up a few of the top trends pros need to know in 2017 to help you get ready for the new year ahead.

Are you looking to win more jobs in 2017? Give us a call at 866-456-6977

Overall Construction Forecast

According to Dodge Data & Analytics, they predict the total U.S. construction starts to grow 5% to $713 Billion, after a brief slowdown in 2016. This is a less aggressive prediction compared to the 13% of overall construction starts forecasted for 2016. Dodge Data & Analytics reports an estimated 1% construction gain in 2016.

“Although the global economy in 2017 will remain sluggish, energy prices appear to have stabilized, interest rate hikes will be gradual and few and a new U.S. President will have been elected,” Robert Murry, chief economist for Dodge Data & Analytics, said.

They predict this slow growth to continue into 2018 and then a slowdown that will occur as 2019 approaches.

Remodeling Trends

Residential Construction

The report also includes predictions for single-family housing. Dodge Data & Analytics annual report also included that they expect single-family housing to rise 12% in dollars and a 9% increase in units. This is attributed to millennials getting older and looking to move or expand their homes.

According to CBS MoneyWatch, the millennial generation is reaching the age where many begin thinking about family. Additionally, the baby boomer generation where some are reaching their late 60s will also be considering a move as they inch closer to retirement.

Additionally, the Joint Center For Housing Studies predicts remodeling to hit its peak in 2017. While rising home values have encouraged spending, there has also been a slowdown in single-family home expansions that is expected to impact the industry in the second half of the year, according to the report.

Construction Job Growth

As construction starts grow, so do jobs. Dodge Data & Analytics predicts moderate job growth in 2017. While this is a good thing, the skilled labor shortage has been a hot topic in the construction industry this year. Though all trends in construction point toward moderate growth, this is one trend where demand must be met. Here are the five states with the most construction jobs available, according to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics:

  • Texas
  • California
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania

New Home Construction

Trends To Watch

For builders and remodelers, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what trends may impact your trade, as much of this is driven by consumer demand. Here’s a few popular projects you may be seeing in the new year.

Deck Expansions

As we reported earlier this year, deck expansions are in. If you’re a decking pro, this is great news for your business.


A trend for a few years that will be reaching its peak in 2017 is sustainability. You may find more customers looking for recycled materials or efficiency solutions for your home. Educate yourself on the latest innovations in home sustainability so you can recommend the best and the latest to your customers. While sustainability measures can be found in any trade, window, door and plumbing pros should pay specific attention to new innovations in their field.

Updates For Aging

As baby boomers begin to move, they’ll be looking to upgrade their homes to accommodate aging. This may mean larger doorways, handlebar installations and larger remodeling projects that can help suitable all. Accessibility will be a big focus in home building and remodeling this year. Remodeling pros should be aware of this trend and how they can assist customers looking for these features.

Home Automation

With new innovations in home technology, you should expect to incorporate these into the work that you do. Educate yourself on the latest home automation products and how you can help homeowners make their lives a little easier.

How To Prepare

The trends this year show moderate growth in the industry. If you find yourself busier than usual this year, remember to stay organized and make customer happiness your first priority. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of 2017:

  • Create your marketing plan. This is a great way for you to set goals for the year to grow your business and track how you will achieve them.
  • Make a resolution this year to make 2017 your most productive and organized year yet. This will help you focus on getting the job done.
  • Join an organization to help you network and learn more about innovations in your trade.
  • Consider new ways you can grow your business.
  • Always remember to provide exceptional customer service, as that is what drives customer loyalty.


While these are just predictions for the new year, remember anything can happen. Be prepared for the unexpected and follow along with industry headlines to see how things may change for your business.

2017 CraftJack Updates: More Discounts & Commercial Leads Now Available

CraftJack now offers commercial leads to all contractors!

Since our inception in 2011, CraftJack has solely focused on residential leads. While the residential home improvement market continues to grow, so too does the commercial market. Business owners who need to make updates or repairs to their properties or facilities provide a great opportunity for contractors. Therefore, CraftJack decided the time was right to start offering commercial leads across every one of our categories:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Decking
  3. Drywall & Insulation
  4. Electrical
  5. Fencing
  6. Flooring
  7. Garage
  8. General Contracting
  9. Gutter & Downspout
  10. HVAC
  11. Landscaping
  12. Masonry
  13. Painting & Staining
  14. Plumbing
  15. Pool
  16. Remodeling
  17. Roofing
  18. Siding
  19. Snow Removal
  20. Solar
  21. Windows& Doors

Note: We expect to release additional trades and tasks later in the year including handyman leads, pest control leads and much more!

Commercial Lead Pricing

Commercial leads are unlike residential leads in that similar leads seldom bring the same value. For example, a residential fencing project rarely brings about the same value as a commercial fencing project. As such, you will see that our commercial leads are priced higher than residential leads because they are generally more valuable.

You can see our full lead pricing list here.

Speed-To-Call Discount Increasing To 20%

In an effort to reward our contractors for being the most responsive in the business, we are doubling our speed-to-call discount to 20%! That’s right, just by calling the homeowner within 30 minutes of receiving the lead, you get a 20% discount on that lead!

Contractors have saved over $650,000 with our speed-to-call discount!

In addition to saving money, the speed-to-call discount should encourage all contractors to call their leads as quickly as possible. After all, the number one way to turn leads into jobs is by calling quickly. The facts below prove it:

  • Responding to leads in the first minute can improve conversion as much as 391%.
  • 88% of converted leads are contacted in first 24 hours.
  • 78% of homeowners choose the first party to make contact & the first party to contact a prospect has a 238% higher rate of conversion than the 2nd.


The preceding changes will not only save all new contractors on their 2017 leads, but also improve your odds of vastly growing your business this year. If you would like to get started with CraftJack, give us a call at 866-456-6977.