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What Licenses Do HVAC Pros Need In Florida?

If you work as a ventilation professional in Florida, you know that having a current HVAC license can be helpful for winning new business, getting professional insurance, and operating throughout your service area. Before you get started offering HVAC services in Florida, it’s a good idea to know what licenses are available and how to get the certification that you need.

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What Licenses Do Electricians Need In Florida?

Florida electricians must be licensed to work within the state. Find out what licenses are offered and how to be approved to start your Florida electrical business.

Becoming an electrician can be a lucrative and rewarding career opportunity. Electricians provide valuable services to Florida homeowners, ensuring their electrical systems are running efficiently and preventing electrical issues that can cause damage to the home. When it comes to an electrician salary, Florida professionals should expect earnings around the national average of $24.72 per hour. With a population of more than 21 million residents, electrician jobs in Florida are available to pad those hours. If you've been thinking about starting a career in electrical work or you're an established electrician considering making a move to Florida, there are a number of steps you must take to get your Florida master electrician license.


Do I Need A Landscaping License In California?

Getting ready to set up a landscaping business in California? Here's what you need to know about getting a landscaping license and other requirements.

Landscaping is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States, and California has one of the largest landscaping markets in the nation. Unlike many states that only require a license for landscapers who apply pesticides, California is unique in that most landscapers must obtain a state license to lawfully work in the Golden State. Earning a landscaping license in California requires several steps, but it’s a relatively straightforward process that ensures you’ve met all the legal requirements to perform professional landscaping tasks.


How To Find More Handyman Jobs In Texas

Grow your Texas handyman business with these top tips from CraftJack. Find out what a handyman can legally do in Texas, which jobs are in demand, and how to effectively advertise your handyman business.

Maintaining a home costs Texas homeowners a lot of time and money. It's no wonder so many of them are looking to outsource small tasks for the lowest possible price. That's where you step in. But being in demand doesn't automatically mean handyman jobs will fall into your lap — you need to know how to find them.


How Much Do Cleaning Pros Make?

Start your own business as a cleaning professional and wave goodbye to the daily grind. Discover how much cleaners make, with tips about setting up your business and setting prices.

As people's lives seem to get busier and busier, more people are turning to house cleaners to lessen the burden of domestic life. With more people turning to cleaning services, house cleaning is a strong business prospect. You don't need to study, and equipment and overhead costs are low. As such, practically anyone can start a cleaning company, provided they've got a good work ethic and are business-minded.


10 Ways To Make Your Growing Company Efficient

Discover 10 top tips to help guide small business owners as their home service company generates more leads, reaches more people, adds employees, and makes more revenue.

Operational efficiency is the name of the game when you're in the process of growing a home service company. However, with so many plates to spin, knowing what to prioritize can feel confusing. If you're in the process of growing your home improvement business, there are some universal priorities, no matter which vertical you're in.


What Every Long-Lasting Contractor Business Needs

Make sure your home service company goes the distance by avoiding common small business pitfalls and mastering the essential skills required to succeed long-term.

If you're looking to start a business or you need tips to ensure your home service company goes the distance, you've come to the right place. Keeping your business afloat is a balancing act between avoiding common small business pitfalls and establishing effective processes and procedures.

In this article, you'll learn about the main reasons many small businesses in the home improvement sector fail. Plus, you'll discover advice about what to focus on to help you avoid common pitfalls. 


Five Ways To Manage Employees Across Job Sites

Discover how to manage employees at remote job sites as your home services company grows with this handy guide from CraftJack.

When a business has multiple sites, managing employees can become challenging. The lack of face-to-face contact and the inability to inspect sites in person creates a disconnect between management and construction employees. Fortunately, there are smart strategies managers can use to stay connected with their workers and keep them engaged.

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What Are Home Service Employees Looking For At Work?

Provide home service employees with opportunities to learn and develop to engage them and make them passionate about working for you. Discover how and learn other ways to inspire and retain your workforce. 

The Great Resignation and increasingly competitive markets mean it's harder to attract and retain home service contractors than ever. Employees have more choices, so they can be more selective about the company they work for. The idea of a job for life is almost entirely extinct, but without relying on loyalty, how do you retain employees? 


8 Best Practices For Your Regional Business

Discover eight tips to help you grow your regional business. Home service contractors with multiple business locations can refine their online presence and expand their reach using expert advice from CraftJack.  

Search engines and lead generation websites have made it easier than ever for regional businesses to attract customers. The internet is an astounding tool for business growth, but few contractors know how to truly harness the power of digital marketing.

Branding, market research, and consistently excellent customer service are more important than ever. With multiple channels for feedback, such as review sites and social media, and more competition, you need to work hard to stand out. Use the following eight tips to optimize your home service company's online presence.